I get blog comments often thanking me for sharing my family with you. To that I say thank you for caring about my family so deeply. I know many of you prayed and believed whole heartedly for Ellis' healing. One of my favorite things to do is write blogs showing you her progress and encourage you in the power of your prayers. 

All of her medical team treats her like a preemie, because of all the time she lost in the hospital. We take things slow and let her do it on her own time, knowing she might not be right where she needs to be but being patient in working with her to catch up. She's constantly making progress and her toughness astounds me as she constantly knocks down any walls put in her path.

We held back on solid food for Ellis for quite a bit because she is still working on her neck muscles and gaining complete head control. It's one of the biggest things we work on in therapy. She can hold her head up for long periods of time but then she runs out of stamina and let's it droop. She's shown a lot of improvement recently so we got the green light from her Pediatrician to start her on solids and see how it went.  

Whenever we are going to start something new with Ellis I always get a little nervous. I know some of these things are big milestones in her journey and I never know how she will respond. 

We started this week thinking we would just give her a bite or two and tentatively see how she would respond. 

Like she tends to do most of the time, she surprised us and decided to just go ahead and wolf down the whole bowl. She even gave us some smiles throughout as if to say "Hey guys, what's the whole fuss about?" 

She's now eating 3 bowls of cereal a day, along with her bottle feedings. One of her physical therapists was impressed with how well she's done, so quickly. I don't know why I ever even doubt this girl. She's always showing me I don't need to. 

One milestone down and many more to go. So thankful for her progress and grateful for all of your prayers pushing her forward. 

July is a busy month for us with lots of therapy and additional doctors appointments. As always, we would love your prayers. 

The miracle continues.   

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