First good news...

We had Joel's CT scan at 1:00 this afternoon. The Dr just called & we got amazing news. The cancer HAS NOT spread to his lungs or chest. This was huge because we would have been looking at something far more serious had it spread to those areas. God has heard your prayers friends. But we still need you to keep them up for us! We have a long road ahead of us.

We are not sure of the date of the surgery. We heard today that it may not be for another week & a half. The specialist that is the best of the best is who will be doing the surgery. He is currently out of town. Even though we don't like the thought of waiting-we want the most skilled person possible to be working on Joel. He is worth the wait.

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your blog comments. Wish we could respond to each of you individually. But know that Joel & I both are reading them & we cry at almost every single one of them. People we don't even know. It's amazing.

We will continue to update you. It is crazy how just the thought of cancer not spreading could bring us so much joy amidst so much pain that we are still in. Life can change in an instant.

Love you guys!!

Sarah & Joel