On Saturday I stood behind a thick black curtain trying to prepare myself to face the hundreds of women just on the other side.As my video played on the 3 giant video screens my husband came to life through clips and pictures. I thought, as I always did when I saw him "he's so handsome that one." At the end of the video I started to tear up and swallowed hard to push down the giant lump in my throat. I looked to the ceiling and asked Jesus for strength. I looked at my husbands wedding ring on my thumb and gave it a quick rub. "This is for you Jojo." I took a deep breath, rounded the corner to the large crowd, grabbed the mic and simply told my story. The telling of this story is something I will always be willing to share. It will happen one speaking at a time, one blog at a time and whatever other open doors God gives me to share it. This weekend it was at Fearless women's conference. It was such an honor to be there. When two become one it's a powerful thing. Theres's no doubt, as I stood before these incredible women, my voice was my husbands voice. My voice spoke his words. My voice told his story. It's not just my story or my husbands story, ultimately it's Gods story. And it's one of beauty and faithfulness. In the morning as I was getting ready I felt a little like Moses must have before he went before Pharaoh. He pleaded with God to send someone else. He felt inadequate to do what was set before him. As did I. In the end God told Moses, no one else can tell your story but you. That's what God has also told me. And for the rest of my life that is exactly what I will do.


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