Fall Festival

I'm not much for the whole trick-or-treat going door-to-door to celebrate Halloween festivities. Growing up we would go to a festival that would be at our church. Last year our church didn't have a festival but this year they did. They did a really good job at reaching out to the community around us and there were tons of new faces all gathering together for a night of fun. Throughout my husband going through chemo our friends would lovingly refer to him as Superman for all that he had gone through and the amazing way he handled it. So when I went to pick out a costume for my son I thought what better way to honor his Daddy than to go as, you guessed it-Superman. None of these events are the same without my husband. They never will be. But for Milo's sake I put a smile on my face and am determined to be there and be present for him so he can enjoy it. Joel, and the fact that he should be here with his family, is still at the forefront of my thoughts. That's what made the evening hard. What made it good was the smile on Milo's face as he played games, ate snow ones, played with puppies and danced to the music. No matter the amount of pain I am in my son is the one person who always manages to bring a smile to my face and fill my heart with joy. I adore him.Here are some pics from the night.