Joel's levels didn't get where they needed to be today to run the remainder of the tests today. Our Doctor thinks they will get there probably by tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers. Pray for stability in his vitals and for rapid improvement.God has been having me listen to lots of worship songs recently about waiting. At first thought I was like, well yes we are definitely in wait mode! But then, as I was listening to one of the songs a line came through "waiting is not passive, it's expectant." That's the reason that God had me listening to songs about waiting. He was stirring up my expectancy on what He is going to do and how He was going to move. In the mean time God is already moving in that hospital. I have nurses come and hug me in tears when they talk about how our families faith stand has touched their life. That's nothing to give us glory, because it's not about us, it is about Jesus moving on their hearts. We aren't the only one waiting in expectation-many are. And our prayer continues to be that God would move in such power on our behalf that our expectancy would turn to reality and through that reality it changes lives and hearts. That He may be glorified. We wait-with expectant hearts.

Waiting Here For You-Christy Nockles

If faith can move the mountains Let the mountains move We come with expectation Waiting here for you, waiting here for you

You're the Lord of all creation And still you know my heart The author of salvation You've loved us from the start

Waiting here for you With our hands lifted high in praise And it's you we adore Singing Alleluia

You are everything you've promised Your faithfulness is true And we're desperate for your presence All we need is you

Waiting here for you, Lord With our hands lifted high in praise And it's you, Lord, we adore Singing Alleluia

We will wait for you, Lord, he'll stand with you We will sing alleluia Singing Alleluia, alleluia Singing Alleluia, alleluia

Waiting here for you With our hands lifted high in praise And it's you we adore, we adore Singing Alleluia