Ellis Update-10-We need Prayer

I don't even know how to begin today's post. Yesterday we had a CT scan done as a way to start to develop a baseline for the affects of the infection on our Ellis. We got the worst news we possibly could. Without sharing every little detail, we were told there was massive damage. We were told she will never again be as she was. We were told her life will never be normal. As a Mother it rips your heart out to hear these things being said about your child. As a person of faith who believes in miracles, it shakes you. It shakes everything you believe and know to be true. Much of yesterday was spent not just crying, but full on gut-wrenching sobs for my daughter.

So where does this leave us? Still praying for a miracle. Just a bigger one then we ever thought we needed. She's still being weaned off her meds and everything from yesterday is still happening today. They've just prepared me for the worst when she finally opens her eyes.

That being said, I love my daughter so very much. I will fight for her life and the restoration of it to the bitter end. The Rodriguez family is known to be a group of some pretty scrappy little fighters. Yes, we feel like we've been sucker punched in the gut but we will get up and we will keep fighting. I don't know what else to do.

We could use every prayer for a miracle that you are willing to offer for our family and for our beautiful girl. Thank you.

For dark is light to You depths are height to You far is near but Lord, I need to hear from You

Be near, oh God be near, oh God of us Your nearness is to us our good Be near, oh God be near, oh God of us Your nearness is to us our good, our good

Be Near-Shane & Shane