Ellis Update-6

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was a hard day to spend at the hospital. But Ellis made it a good day for her Mama by taking a few baby steps forward. They started her on a new seizure medication and there's been improvement in her seizures. At one point she went a full 12 hour period without having one which is so, so good. She did end up having a few small ones later in the day but they've been much smaller than they were. That's good news. They've decided to keep her on this new medication and are hoping for continued improvement.

I told you earlier they weaned her off one of her meds. They've now been nearly successful in weaning her off two additional ones and are just giving her minimal amounts. She's currently on, give or take, 8 medications so getting her off 3 of those would be wonderful.

The biggest improvement has been that she's started to initiate taking some small breathes on her own along with the vent. For the first 6 days we were here, she was not trying to breathe whatsoever. They told me with the brain swelling and the sickness in her body, the body was not sending the signals it needed to for her to know to breathe. Seeing her start to take steps to do that on her own again is wonderful progress. She did suffer a collapsed right lung in the midst of this long ordeal. They said it can be common with kiddos on vents. We need that lung to reopen and repair itself.

We are so thankful to the Lord for all of these baby steps and the fact that we are having some progress. We still need prayer for:

-Complete elimination of seizures -Right Lung to repair -More medication weaning -Getting off the vent

I say this a lot but I will say it again, in the long-term our greatest prayer request is for full restoration for this baby girl. All my above prayer requests are what we need to happen in the short-term. Each of these things are important towards our long-term goal but big picture thinking, the biggest miracle Ellis needs, is for no long standing damage whatsoever from this ordeal. We believe she will leave this hospital completely healed. We believe she will astound the doctors by her recovery. We believe that the healing power of God will shine in her life in every way.

We our amazed by how many of you are joining with us in that belief. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If ground and grave can steal my heart Yet when You save a new song starts And just Your name can move me near Can change my hope, cast out my fear I need more of Your breath here You are my hallelujah.

You are My Hallelujah-Rita Springer