Ellis Update-4

Latest update on Ellis. Our fighter girl has rounded a tiny bit of a corner. Not a huge one, but we will take every bit of progress we can get. She has started to stabilize more than she has been in the previous days. They were able to get her levels to a place where it was safe to start a medication to help with her swelling. That has been running for 24 hours or so and I can visually see a reduction of some of the fluid in her body. That's great news. She's also started to be more responsive to agitation which is also a great thing to see. Her platelet and blood levels have remained steady so she hasn't had to have additional blood transfusions like she had. All of these are answered prayers-be encouraged. She is still having seizures and we need those seizures to stop. She is also, of course, still on the vent. We have a long road of improvement to go before her getting off is even in the realm of possibility.

I've asked the doctors what the goal is for the next 24 hours and it's basically just stability. The more stable she gets the more we can get her off some of these medicines and on the path to being well. She is off one of them but has many to go. Once that all starts to happen the real miracle needs to take place and that is no affects whatsoever on her body from all of this. The doctors try to say there most likely will be, but we as a family are standing and believing for Ellis to be fully restored.

Our prayers remain mostly the same:

-For seizures to stop -Stability in her vitals -For her to start taking some baby steps towards getting off the vent -For full healing and restoration of her body and no long term affects from this injury to her brain

Yesterday I felt so much love and encouragement from you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to send all of your positivity my way. Thank you for your sweet messages, comments and texts. I promise I'm not ignoring them. I'm just trying to respond one by one as I can. There's been hundreds of thousands of people who've read the story of her little life via this blog. It's quite overwhelming. I will work hard to get back to every one of your sweet messages. I appreciate everyone who's taken the time to encourage me personally.

Please, please continue to keep Ellis in your prayers. I know people tend to pray most at the very first moment of crisis but in her case, the further down the road we get, the more she will need prayers for a full recovery. She's by no means out of the woods and we have many little battles we face with her everyday. But we will claim every little victory we can, until we have the big victory, and the Lord gets every bit of glory for it.

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19