Ellis Update-2

We are now entering Day 3 of our ICU stay. Not a whole lot has changed from yesterday. Ellis is still mostly as she was sickness-wise. Their goal now is to try to wean her off of some of the medications they have her on. The problem is, every time they have done so her vitals have started to act up. When that happens they turn the medicine back up. It's a frustrating process because nothing can really move forward until they get her off some of the meds. The other problem is seizures. Again, they have told us some of these are to be expected. But we really need for the seizures to stop so we can get her off the medications she's on. So far she hasn't gotten through a day without having one.

The days are long here at the hospital. All day long monitors beep as vitals change, something goes too low or something raises too high. Each day her labs are taken and each level is watched closely. It's a delicate dance and everything has to line up perfectly to attain the results they want. When one thing is thrown off everything can be thrown off. As her Mama it can be so disheartening when one little thing changes and progress is seemingly erased.

When I was talking to a friend she mentioned the word breakthrough and it stuck with me. We need prayers for a breakthrough. We have seen small improvements and we have seen small setbacks but we have yet to have a good day of dramatic improvement. We need to see that day soon.

Please continue to pray:

-That we will start to see improvement quickly -That the swelling in her brain will decrease and not increase -That the seizures stop completely -That Ellis can start to be weaned off her meds completely with no side affects on her body -For a full, miraculous recovery

Once the above things start to happen we will know more where we stand and how to pray even more specifically for her healing.

I believe in miracles. I've seen many of them in my own lifetime performed on my behalf and performed on others behalf. When you've experienced it once it gives you strength to believe for it again. No matter how Debbie Downer a doctors report can be, or despite what Google says, we continue to believe for a miracle for our baby girl. We believe that not only will she come out of this but she will come out of it fully and wholly restored.

Thank you for those who believe with us! Thank you for following along on this precious babies story. Her story was unique from the start and we believe God's plans for her are mighty. She's just getting started.

Never Run Dry-Housefires

Even in the wilderness, through confusion and bareness You are beautiful God Even in my brokenness, through this pain I will confess You are always good

Deserts will bloom in the light of Your love Valleys make room for the river of God

You never run dry Never run dry Never run dry

You're my source, never ending You're my life, never lacking