Ellis Update-18

Today it has been exactly one week since we have been home. It's hard to believe. Ellis continues to enjoy being back home and with her own comforting things. I thought it would be a good day to give you all an update on her. Fussiness is something normal for babies who've been through what she has. The first week off the vent it was intense and she cried most of the day. She's doing much better and is laying down for most of her naps without fussiness. About the only routine we haven't been able to get down is sleeping well when it's actually nighttime. But that's how it was before so I guess you could say she's back to normal on that front!

She continues to make advances. Her left eye, that previously wasn't straight or engaging is now tracking and engaging as it should. The right eye, which she never opened, is opened all the time. We've been praying for that eye to start engaging and working just as well as the left eye. Day by day it gets better and day by day so does she.

When she first came out of the hospital she had no muscle tone. She'd been laying in a bed half her life and it showed. She had very little muscle control whatsoever. Now, after a week, she can completely move her head from side to side and keep her head lifted up by herself. Again, this wasn't something she could do only a few days ago.

She's a fighter and she shows it every day by the way she fights to progress and improve. And you know what? She's doing it. I'm so proud to be her Mommy and so thankful to the Lord for the walking miracle she continues to be.

As a family we've been trying to recover from nearly a month away in the hospital. Paying bills, going through a months worth of mail, laundry, hair cuts etc. just trying to get back in the groove. It hasn't been easy and major exhaustion has set in. But all that is just the "stuff" and the not important stuff at that. What's important is we are all together again and we feel beyond blessed that is the case. Milo tells me just about every day "No more hospital!" I think just in case I was planning on going back.

Thank you so much for your continuous prayers. They are making a difference daily in her progress. We don't take them for granted.

We hope you are having an amazing holiday season.

IMG_7180.JPG Sometimes baby sister cries when we hold her, we take it in stride.