Ellis Update

First of all, I wanted to start off by thanking you all for your prayers. Thank you for your calls, texts and messages. I'm trying to respond when I get free moments. Thank you for those of you who have shared our blog with others and who are lifting our family up. You have no idea what it means to us to know people are praying. When others ask me what I need I tell them prayer because we sincerely need that above all else. If you are new to our story, here is recap #1 and #2 for you on how this sweet baby girl came to be. Now on to baby Ellis. She is still very sick. She is still on a vent and still in ICU. She still has quite a bit of swelling in her brain. The swelling has caused her to have seizures. They have her hooked up to an EEG machine to monitor the seizures. She was doing better but then had a big one this morning. The good news is they have her on medication for all of this. The machine tells them how long the seizures last so they've been able to adjust her meds accordingly. They've also been able to narrow down the specific antibiotics her body needs to fight the meningitis based on the labs that have come back. There is a hump we need to get over within the next 3 days. We need the swelling to go down and for her to start to be responsive once they pull back on her medications. At that point we will know more of what we are dealing with. Until then everything is still very wait and see.

A bit of good news, her vitals are much, much better. Her heart rate, which was over 200 when we got here, came down to their desired range of 140-160. Her blood pressure is steady as is her body temperature. Her kidneys and bowels continue to work like they're supposed to. These are all great signs.

The biggest things we need specific prayer for:

-Significant decrease of swelling to her brain -That the current swelling will have no long term affects on her little body -For no bloating in her stomach so they can start IV nutrition for her -No more seizures -For all vitals to stay steady and consistent

Ellis is our little miracle girl already. The story of how her life came to be proves that. But you know what else she is? She's a fighter. She's got the same fighting spirit her Daddy had. She's such a tiny little baby and she's hooked up to IV lines and chords to nearly every part of her body. I'm not allowed to hold her, which is SO hard. But every day I go over and whisper in her ear to keep fighting. Then I tell her how proud Mommy is of her. She is so loved already by so many. We continue to believe her greatest days are ahead.

Thank you so much for standing in the gap and upholding us. We know there are many lifting us up and for that we are so blessed.

Psalm 22:5

To You they cried out and were saved; in You they trusted and were not put to shame.