Ellis-Six Months

And just like that Ellis is six months old. I'm like every Mom who wonders where the time has gone. When you are told your daughter will not live past her one month birthday, celebrating her six month birthday is a major accomplishment.  Ellis continues to move forward. She's progressing every day. She still does her physical therapy and is getting close to the point where she doesn't hate going too much. I'm to the point where I love taking her because I have seen so much growth in her already from her sessions. They're all so proud of her and how well she's doing. As, of course, are we. 

My girl is doing the sort of things most babies do at six months of age. She's very vocal and loves making her presence known. She will "talk" your ear off of you let her, much like her brother does. She recently said her first word "Mama". She is doing so well at her sitting up and is able to do it for longer and longer on her own. She's started to discover her hands and is drooling and chewing on them like crazy, a sure sign teething is just around the corner. 

Her brother is still her favorite person on earth and she lights up when he comes into the room. Milo talks all the time about when she's old enough to chase him down and tackle him. He says he can't wait for the day. I can't either!

I'm so proud of little Ellis. I love seeing her strength and determination to try new things. I love seeing her light up when she discovers something new. I love how giving kisses and loving on others is still one of her favorite things. And I really, really love all the silly facial expressions I get to capture on a near daily basis; her favorite one being that wide mouth grin. 

So thankful for this girl, so grateful for her life. Each and every day with her is truly a gift. 

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