Ellis-4 Months

Miss Ellis is four months old. I say this every month, but I can hardly believe it. When we almost lost her at one month old I would have never imagined getting three more months with her. Each one is a gift and never taken for granted. Our girl is doing well. She continues to improve on all her motor skills, like babies do. Her most recent trick is finding her hands and she seems enthralled with them. She's also working on grabbing and holding on to her toys.

Ellis loves to be heard. She's got a big voice and she likes to use it. If she's mad, or doesn't want to do something, she will give you the loudest angriest cry I've ever heard. When she's happy or excited she likes to coo and giggle. I call her sugar and spice because her sweet is really sweet and her mad is really mad. It keeps us constantly entertained.

Her smiles have grown bigger and bigger and they are now full on grins, which totally light up the room. Some people are trying to convince me she's trying to say Mama already. I haven't heard Mama exactly but she's really got her "Mmmmmms" down and is probably working on more. Soon enough she'll be using her language to really keep everyone on their toes, I'm sure.

When she was first born she would give me tiny little kisses on my cheek. After her hospital experience the kisses went away and I wondered if they would ever come back. Well they have, in full force. If my cheek is around her mouth she's kissing it. It's the sweetest thing. When she kisses me I always say "awwwwww" and she responds by cooing back. It's adorable. We were told at one point in the hospital she would probably not be able to give or receive love. That's so far from the case. She loves to give you kisses and she loves to nuzzle in and love on her brother. She's quite the little love bug that girl.

She has another round of doctor’s appointments starting soon, with Physical Therapy up first. Then she'll have another pediatrician check in and some testing done with an Audiologist. The testing is just another one of the boxes we have to check off the list so doctors know where she stands. We 100% know she can hear, to a large degree, because she gets mad at super loud noises or will wake up if you're talking loudly around her. She's also passed some initial testing but they just want to do more in-depth testing.

We would love it if you would keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks, because appointments are never fun.

In other news, Ellis was discharged from home health this month! We've had nurse check-ins every other week for the last three months since we brought her home. They've now told us Ellis is doing so well the visits are unnecessary. That's amazing news. One less thing on our plate and one more example of her growth and healing.

Please, please keep praying. They say a baby’s brain is largely still growing and developing the first two years of their life, so for her, progress in the first two years is crucial. We are thrilled with what we have seen so far and continue to believe that the good work started in her will be completed. Thank you so much for your prayers for our girl.