Ellis-2 Months

Yesterday Ellis Claire turned two months old. Wow. A few weeks ago we took her off the ventilator on her one month birthday. I pleaded with the Lord for more time with her. 30 days just wasn't enough. Now here we are, another 30 days later. There's been a lot of life lived in that span of time.

When she came off the vent she was a month old but it was like starting at ground zero with her and then some.

Then. She had no muscle tone whatsoever. She was like a limp rag in my arms. Laying spread out in a bed for 2 weeks had done a number on her. Her little neck could in no way support her head. Her head was also so swollen we had to keep hats on her all the time to protect it.

Now. She can hold her head up on her own. I burp her sitting up and she sits there supporting herself. She also moves her head all around. If she hears a noise to the right she looks over that way. If she hears a noise to the left she moves her head that way. Her head is no longer swollen.

Then. She kept all her little limbs scrunched up an close to her body. She would wail if you touched her. Actually she would wail most of the time. She was on strong pain killers to keep her comfortable.

Now. She now relaxes her arms and and her legs like normal. She's no longer on any type of pain medications. She no longer cries out in pain.

Then. She could only open one eye. She kept the other closed tight. I remember asking the doctor if she'd ever be able to open it. She shook her head back and forth as if to say "I don't know". The truth is, no one knows what she will be able to do because everything she's done so far is unchartered territory, in the best way.

Now. She can open both her eyes. At first only one would engage, now they both do. They are lining up and working together more and more every day.

Then. We had to hold her at all times. She had to sleep in someone's arms.

Now. We treat her like normal. She sleeps laying down on her own. She's definitely held, probably more than a normal baby. But that's because we spoil her because she deserves it.

Then. It would take over an hour to feed her a bottle. It was a long process of getting her to latch and then keeping her latched. Her little jaw was too tired to stay closed on its own so we would hold it in place. After an hour long feeding session, most times she would throw up the whole bottle.

Now. She takes her bottle like normal. It takes 10 minutes for her to eat from start to finish. She's gone from taking one ounce a feeding to three and a half ounces a feeding. She keeps it all down. We just put the bottle in her mouth and she goes to town. No coaxing necessary.

Ellis loves to eat, as both of my children did. In fact she does what her brother did as a baby where she will wolf down her bottle so fast she gets hick-ups. The other day she was drinking so fast I told her "Sister, you're just going so fast. Slow down a little!" As soon as the phrase left my mouth I had to laugh. I'm telling her to slow down! This baby girl who a few weeks prior was taking a bottle at a snails pace. Then, I would have begged her to move faster. Now, I was telling her to move slower.


I look forward to many more days in the future of looking at my daughter and telling her "slow down" because she's plowing ahead way too fast. She's blazing her own path and I'm loving every minute of it.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I loved what my pastor said recently in his message about persistent prayers. "How long will you knock on a door. Until your arm gets tired or until the door opens?" We continue to flood the Heavens with prayers of belief for Ellis' full healing. The door is opening little by little. We won't stop until it flings wide.

Here are some pictures of the incredible things she is doing. The most incredible of all? Getting to see her beautiful smile.






Ellis' Prayer

We stand together in unity to declare that beloved Ellis will live life to the fullness of what she was created for. Her brain will be completely restored, functioning at 100%. Every seizure will cease as healing is being accelerated over her life. She will live to declare Jehovah is God, and her life will be a light and testimony to the nations. We declare, that darkness is as light to you, God. We call forth light into the dark places and believe that what the enemy intends for evil, God is using for good. We break the power of every stronghold and argument over her life that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. We declare that no weapon formed against her will prosper. We declare that her spirit will rise up and lead her soul and her body. Ellis Claire Rodriguez, arise, shine, His glory is upon you.