Would you believe this Easter was the hardest holiday I've had to face since losing my husband?I've gone through all the big ones and those were hard. My Birthday-Hard Thanksgiving-Hard Christmas-Hard Valentines Day-Hard But none of them were as hard as this one. It threw me for a loop because I hadn't prepared my heart for it. I knew it would be difficult as all holidays are, but nothing like it was. In thinking through the reasons I remembered a first date I had 10 years ago with the man who would become my husband. It was on a Sunday, Easter Sunday. Then I thought about the last holiday we celebrated as a family before Joel went in for surgery. It was Easter. Lots of wonderful memories wrapped up into one holiday; which leaves a void when the main person in the memory is gone. So what do I do on days like that? Well, I put a smile on my face and make the holiday special for my son, who deserves to look back on this holiday with joy. I delight in his happiness and I appreciate the little things. I also try to focus on what Easter is about and that is Jesus, His death, and His resurrection. Because of all of those things, even though I grieve, I grieve with hope.

Here are some pictures of our day.









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