Dr Visit-Urgent Prayers

Today's Dr's visit was hard as to be expected. Dr's give you things in black & white which is good for information but hard on your emotions. But we do like the Dr & are pleased we waited for him. I am just going to lay out a few details about what is upcoming as things are rapidly changing. -Joel is being admitted to the hospital tonight at OU Health & Science in OKC. They are going to do an MRI to see if the cancer has spread to some other levels of concern-namely the pancreas & spleen. Based on previous CT scans we know it has not spread to the lungs or the liver which were major areas of concern. We need to pray it has not spread anywhere else.

-They are admitting him to do the MRI, blood work, & all pre-surgery mark-ups.

-We will be at the hospital for 2 days doing all of his pre-surgery work. After that we are not sure. They may send us home to wait a few days for the surgery. The problem is there are 3 different surgeons that will need to be at the surgery. There will be our surgeon, a heart surgeon, & the spleen/pancreas surgeon. The reason for the other Dr's is because if they get in there & it has spread all of these surgeons are going to partake in the surgery for each affected area. But we are believing that it has not spread.

-The reason for the heart Dr is there is an artery leading to Joel's heart that is an area of concern. We are praying the tumor is NOT attached to this artery but merely growing around it.

-Chemotherapy will not be an option. We need everything to be able to be successfully removed during this surgery.

We do not know what tomorrow will bring or even what the next few days will bring. I am bringing my computer to the hospital & will blog as I know more.

We desperately need your prayers that this cancer is TOTALLY contained to ONLY the kidney. We also need your prayer that ALL of these Dr's will be able to coordinate their schedules to get Joel into surgery as soon as possible. His blood pressure was very high today & his body is doing crazy things to compensate for this foreign object being in there.

GOD YOU ARE FAITHFUL! We thank you that you are going to do the miraculous in Joel's body. We thank you that his healing is going to be an incredible testimony of Your healing power-that all will see & know that you are God.



CORRECTION-Joel will still be at OU Health & Science but he will be in the Presbyterian Tower