Did You Know

Did You Know....That some countries will not allow people who have had cancer to adopt. China is one of those countries. Of the countries that do allow previous patients to adopt-you have to be declared completely cancer-free-which is a minimum 5 year waiting period. This includes the U.S. Did You Know......That insurance companies use to be able to kick you off their plan after you reached your benefit limit. In our case that was 2 million dollars. Our doctor said we would have gone through that amount in 6 months. That is why you saw so many families that declared medical bankruptcy. The new healthcare law changed that immediately & we have benefitted from that. We will see if it stays that way.

Did You Know.....That as a caretaker you are not allowed to take any type of short-term disability to take care of a family member should your spouse or even your child get sick. You are only allowed to take off vacation days, time off without pay, or FMLA time.

Did You Know.....That if you get sick, or a family member gets sick, your job is only legally protected for 12 weeks. That is what FMLA time is. FMLA time is also completely unpaid.

I held back from sharing the following information for a while because we were still processing the information. But we have always tried to share all parts of this journey with our blog family be it the good times and also the bad. It is with a heavy heart that I reveal that Joel was terminated from his job. It was due to the fact that he had an illness and he was going to continue to be off work for too long. I am not going to say negative things about this company because they did what they were well within their rights to do and I get that. As for us I will say it was a devastating, devastating thing to have happen to you. I have talked many times about how difficult it is to see your life spinning out of control and to lose things left and right. That is when we rest in the fact that God is in control and that everything that Joel and I have lost will be restored to us. It may not be the way we thought it would be or in the time we want it to be-but it will come. I will say that I would like to see the laws changed in the future so that sick employees/caretakers have a little bit more of a legal protection and more rights regarding their employment-especailly if the patient has a possibly terminal illness like Joel did. I am not asking companies to take a massive hit to the benefit of the sick employee only. I just think there should be changes to the laws so both the employee as well as the company are protected. It's terrible to lose things in your life because something outside of your control happens. It is not your fault that you get sick.

It is also very sad to me, to see children sit in orphanages, when there are loving people out there who wish to adopt. We have not been shy about our struggles with infertility. Adoption was always on the table as an option but cancer has changed that. It is another thing that we struggle to understand.

Unfortunately there's a lot of things that you never find out about the domino affect of cancer until you are in the thick of it. I think many people, myself included, were very misinformed about sickness, FMLA, and your rights. When we get our foundations site up, along with all of our money we are raising for patients, we will also seek to help educate people about the things that they might be facing. Because having things fly at you as you are trying to maneuver through an illness, is not very fun.

We believe God is in control. Still-we certainly could use your prayers. Our spirits have been a little down.