Child's Pray

The other day we were out for a walk with the kids, chatting as we went.  "God listened to me" Milo said randomly. 

"What do you mean bud?" I asked him confused. 

"When baby sister was in the hospital and I asked Him to make her all better. He listened!" He said giggling. 

His statement took my breath away. He was barely two years old when Ellis first got sick. I had no idea how much, if anything, he realized was going on. It turns out he wasn't only aware, he was interceeding on her behalf. 

I love his childlike faith. He asked God for something and he expected it to happen. Simple. 

Now that she's home from the hospital, he sees that God's healed her. He doesn't worry about milestones, doctors appointments, physical therapy or any of the daily residue we deal with. He believes what he prayed for will happen and he's already thanking God for taking care of it. 

I learn so much from his faith daily. 

One other thing, I'm thankful for how much these two love each other. When I was pregnant he wasn't terribly excited to have a sibling. By the first time he met her he was in love. I'm so grateful their little hearts knit together so quickly. He's her favorite person on the planet and the feeling is more than mutual. 

This little ladies got a lot of people who love and pray for her, but #1 at the top of that list will always be her Bub.  

And anytime I start to get frustrated at the path we continue to walk I just have a chat with my son. 

"Don't worry Mommy, He's gonna make it much better. Don't worry." 


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