Chemo Round 2

Hi Guys! We are back at the hospital for round 2 of Joel's chemo. This cycle should more or less go about how the last cycle went. We are continuing to pray for no symptoms while he goes through this. Our prayer is that his body will receive this medicine & not fight against it. Every time we come here we are totally reminded of how rare Joel's case is. For those of you that don't know he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma cancer in his kidney. The weird thing about that is Ewing's Sarcoma is almost always a bone cancer & it is normally found in children. Over 90% of kidney cancer cases are found to be Renal Cell cancer & chemotherapy is normally not needed after the cancer is removed. Joel's case is rare in the fact that it defies the norm on every level. The doctor's have told us that there are only 2-3 known cases of this cancer found in the kidney in the entire world! So every time we come here Joel gets visited by a lot of medical students & doctors who just want the chance to meet him & discuss his case. At times that can be somewhat annoying (depending on our mood!) but also it is nice to know that his case will be studied & used to make the difference in the life of another person that is diagnosed with this same illness. Our doctor's said Joel is famous around this hospital & that makes us laugh.

Last week my group at work did a bake sale for us. Many people contributed by baking, helping to organize & also many people made donations. They had a really good response & a lot of people wanted to help. They were able to raise a huge amount of money & we were just so amazed by that. So thank you Regulatory Group & also thank you to anyone who participated!!! I have posted a couple pics at the bottom of this post. Today they are having the golf tournament in Joel's honor. We both wanted to be there so badly but were not able to make it due to this chemo round. We look forward to hearing all about it. Once we get pictures from that we will share them with you.

Thanks for checking in on us & praying for us. More to come in the next day or two.

Love ya! Sarah