Ch Ch Ch Changes

I have been the worlds worst blogger lately. OK that might have been a somewhat dramatic statement-I am sure there might be other bloggers who blog far more infrequently than I. But my blogs have been fewer and farther between lately. We have just been beyond busy. A few things on our list-insurance junk. We are still dealing with the claim on our house from the hail storm last spring and now the roof guys are finally able to come fix our roof, gutters, garage door etc. this next week. Yay! It's been a big ordeal. I am not sure if I blogged about this or not but I was in a pretty bad car accident 2 days before we left for Puerto Rico. I know, great timing right? By that time I was trying to figure out if the universe didn't even want us to go to Puerto Rico (kidding). We had so many obstacles to keep us from going on that trip but in the end it was amazing. Back to the wreck-I was in traffic at a complete standstill on the highway and a girl smashed into me-going probably about 50 mph. She didn't even try to stop. She pushed my car into the car in front of me. Their cars were both SUV's and mine was a Nissan Sentra. Needless to say their cars faired far better than mine. We have 2 different insurance companies involved both saying different things. So we have been dealing with that and it has been a really difficult thing. But the accident really could've been much worse than it was. God's hand really was protecting me that day.

Our other change has been Joel heading back to work. I am so happy for him. While he has made the change to working in a new area of the company I can honestly say that he is so well suited for what he is doing now and he LOVES it. It makes me beyond happy to see him living his days with such a sense of purpose and hope for his future. As a wife seeing him happy makes me beyond happy.

We have been slowly integrating back into the world of "normality" I should say. It's weird when you've had such a drastic life-changing experience for the past year and a half, then all of the sudden you're handed a normal life again. We really don't know what to do with it sometimes. A big thing we have enjoyed doing is having time to spend time with our friends many of whom we really haven't gotten to see much over the past year. I know I say this often but it's just weird having free weekends all of the time again. No trips to Houston scheduled, or weekly doctor's visits. It's odd to have the time but we enjoy it immensely. Here's a few recent shots of us out on the weekend.

And the last change is a BIG one. We are putting our home on the market. Where are you going you ask? Well we don't exactly know that just yet ha ha. We love our home town of Norman so we will of course be staying here. But something we are hoping to be able to get is a little bit more square footage because of course we hope to one day add kiddos into the picture of our future family. So we are testing the waters a little bit and listing it to see if we get any bites. I have told people that it is a little bittersweet. It's our first real home together and we have some great memories of this place. We have amazing friends a few houses over that we will miss more than anything. But we also want to move ahead with what's in front of us. The whole time Joel was sick everything in our life was put on a pause. So we are just trying to move forward with our future plans that we put on hold for so long. We know that it will all work out the way it's suppose to so we aren't letting it stress us out but that's another big thing that's on the horizon for us.

So now maybe you are getting a clearer picture of why I haven't blogged in 2 weeks :) This week I will be flying to Wyoming for a business trip so I wanted to be sure to give you some updates before I headed out. And when I get back I am sure there will be more changes to speak of. Life is always a-changin' at the Rodriguez household these day-but I kinda like it that way.