Carry each other's burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 When we are so overwhelmed with what life throws at us it is so easy to become centered on just yourself & your own problems. The above verse talks about carrying one another's burdens. To carry almost means to take on as your own, to take the weight from the person & carry it for them. Not in the way that you wallow in misery at others problems, but that you are there for the person & you are involved as if burden is almost your own. I think this particular trait is missing in our society. We are so focused on our life that we ignore the hurting that surrounds us. I know in the past I have heard of others going through difficult times & thought-oh how sad, said a prayer but moved on with my life. Through Joel & my situation we have had MANY people that have taken our burden as their own. There have been people that call us, send us texts & emails incessantly checking on us & how we are doing. There are others that we don't even know that have prayed for us with fervor. I know these people have lives & issues of their own but they have made us feel like our burden is a huge priority in their life. They will never know how blessed that makes us feel. My group at work & Joel's group at work both worked like crazy to put together fundraisers for us to help with Joel's medical bills. The response from others was amazing. Just this week a group of people that work at our company, but do not work directly with us, worked really hard to put on a bake sale for us. These are people that we haven't met, but that heard our story & wanted to help. That completely overwhelmed us. I know that each of us have problems in our own lives, but when you take the focus off of yourself sometimes it makes what is going on in your own life start to appear much smaller. And when you bless others you WILL reap what you sow. All of these people have blessed Joel & I in more ways than they will ever know. It has challenged me on how I can be of help to others & how I can bless those in need. To live a life where I am attuned to those hurting around me & aggressive in my way of responding to that hurt. This is just one of the many ways that we have changed throughout this process. Joel starts chemo round #4 this Monday. This last chemo round MD Anderson had changed the way the chemo was administered. It was easier in that we were able to do it outpatient, but it was a very difficult recovery for Joel. It took him almost twice as long to bounce back. He also had a lot of weird but classic chemo symptoms that he hadn't yet experienced before. It is scary when some of these things happen because they are not normal at all in the "real world" but completely normal in the world of chemo. We are still trying to navigate & get use to that world. I told a friend of mine it feels now like our life is lived in 3 week increments of time. There is chemo week-the difficult recovery week-& then the final week of some rest-then it starts all over again. Then every other 3 week cycle we add a trip to MD Anderson into the mix. The good thing is that instead of time going by at a snail's pace it is starting to speed up a little. For that we are grateful. We want this next year to fly by! Then life can slow down again after that, right? :) This past week & a half Joel's friend Simon has been in town visiting us. He left yesterday & we were both sad to see him go. I know Joel enjoyed having someone to hang around the house with while he recovered. Thanks for coming Sie. We love you! I am really late in doing this but in the next few days I am going to post a few pics from the Golf tournament & the most recent bake sale. That way you can see for yourself how above & beyond our friends are. We are so, so blessed.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love, Sarah