Boy and the Ball

Remember the days when you had not a care in the world? When you would make forts out of boxes and blankets or skip as you walked down the street. When riding your bike was an adventure and pancakes with cartoons was bliss. When you played with rocks or dolls. When you had a summer vacation. When your imagination ran wild and your dreams weren't far behind. As we get older we tend to realize that life is rarely what we think it will be. You get farther and farther from the innocence and the magic of the simpler days. I am thankful that my boy has not yet reached that point. Thankful that he is blissfully unaware of the devastation that surrounds him. Thankful that he doesn't yet realize what he's lost. Thankful that he can smile and laugh so freely while he rests in joy and the love of many. One day it might not always be so but for now I am thankful he doesn't know any better. I'm thankful he can laugh and play with abandon. I pray even now The Lord will prepare his heart for days ahead. I pray that The Lord will have answers to every question his little heart will ask. For now my son, laugh freely, run wildly, and play with your soccer ball to your hearts content.