Birthday Blessings & Answered Prayers

Hope everyone has had a great week so far. We have had many milestones in our home this past week. More on that to come. First up, I am SOOOO beyond happy to have Joel back home. Last week he flew back to NYC to visit his family. Since medical stuff has used up all of my vacation time-I was not able to go. You wouldn't think a week away from one another would be hard but it is the longest we have been apart since we met 7 years ago! He's my best friend and life is just a lot more fun when he's around. But I am glad he got to visit with his family and I know that he enjoyed his time with them.

Yesterday was a massive milestone for me as I celebrated my (gulp) 30th birthday. I honestly cannot believe I am that old!! I certainly don't feel that old! It is odd to be out of my 20's. My 20's encompassed some really amazing moments in my life and also some of the most difficult moments I have ever faced. I would definitely say that I have come out of my 20's feeling like I know myself more as a person and I believe that there's an exciting new phase of my life that's ahead. Our pastor's have a phrase that they say all of the time "the best is yet to be" and I love that outlook. So I bid a fond farewell to my 20's knowing that the best is yet to be for me in my 30's. And I cannot ever hate a birthday because it is celebrating the gift of another year of life-something that I might have taken for granted in the past-no longer.

Joel and I at my parents house.






















My Mom had a bunch of silly birthday hats so we decided to take a goofy pic. Joel apparently just wanted to get the picture over with!











Now-onto the answered prayers part of our post. I am beyond excited to announce that Joel now has a job!! As most of you remember he was terminated from his job in February due to his need to have long-term time off for medical purposes. I never said a bad word about the company because I understood their position and they were well within their right to do so. When we were in the thick of it we were heartbroken just because it added so much uncertainty for our future. When it felt like everything in our life was falling apart we just held on with all that we had to God's promises to us. As we would pray together every night we would always pray that God would restore to us all that we have lost and He has done so in so many ways. Not only was he able to get back on with his former company (a place where I also work) he was able to get on in a new department doing technical work that really suits Joel even better than what he did before. He will start work the 2nd week in September and he is SOOO ready to get back to working once again. I am so happy to see that way that Joel is getting blessed because after this year-he just really deserves some blessings.

So a new job, a new age and our best is still yet to be!