Big Blue Sky

The other night my son and I went on a walk after dinner. He loves to walk around, wave and say hello to everyone he sees. After rounding the block we came up to a field and settled down to sit in the grass. For awhile, as I sat, Milo ran up and down the soccer field playing with the net and such. He soon tired of it and came and sat in my lap. I've never talked to Milo about death or Heaven. He's only 15 months old and wouldn't really understand much. Instead he is just told a lot that his Daddy loves him so much. This night was a little different though. As we were sitting there he seem entranced by the big blue sky that surrounded us stretching in every direction. He stared thoughtfully for awhile in silence and I knew his brain was mulling over something. Suddenly the right moment presented itself. "Mama" he said.

"Yes buddy?" I replied.

"What's that?" he asked as he pointed a chubby finger upward.

"That's a cloud" I said.

He was content with that response but only for a moment.

"Mama, what's that?" he asked again pointing to the sky. He was obviously not content with my first answer.

"Well Milo, that's the sky. And above the sky there's a place called Heaven. That's where Daddy is and he's there with Jesus."

He sat really still as if he was pondering my answer then he turned around, gave me a big kiss, and off to play he went.

I sat in the grass grateful that in this moment that answer was enough.