Behind the Scenes-Ellis Update

July has been a full month for this family. As you can tell there has been lots going on, but there's been even more going on behind the scenes.  Between therapy and doctors appointments we have had 9 different appointments for Ellis this month. It has been exhausting in every way. 

I'm happy to report that every appointment was good news! Her neuro ophthalmologist said there was no need for glasses or surgery and that her eyes have everything they need to see, her brain just needs to continue to develop in computing the images it's receiving. At her pediatrician check in she gained weight and grew in length. She's also had some good growth in her head size which indicates brain growth. At her neurology appointment they were very pleased with her progress and still only need to see her for check-ins every 6 months. 

In her physical therapy we've seen her really start to improve. Her head control is the best it's ever been and she's getting better and better at sitting up for even longer periods of time. She's starting to really get into playing with and batting at her toys. That's a new development for her. 

Her eating has been amazing. She still does her bottle along with 3 additional meals by mouth. We introduced her to a banana in one of those mesh slings to see how she'd do. She put it right in her mouth and started chewing away. She has a way of making big milestones seem like a walk in the park. 

You guys, I know these all seem like small things a "normal" 8 month old baby should do. That's precisely it. 

She is doing many things a baby her age can do. But she shouldn't be able to do ANYTHING babies her ago do. 

I won't say that we don't have to work at it because we do. What comes easy for some babies takes her therapy, time and patience to master. But she doesn't give up and little by little we're getting there. In the last month I've seen the most growth from her that I've ever seen. Her determination is relentless. As her Mommy I'm so proud of my girl. 

I love that I get to share the highlightes with you, but please keep praying for our behind the scenes. That's the place where you feel like you are in the valley, where you're tired, lonely and walking through a journey no one understands. 

Getting her from place to place is a full-time, all-encompassing job for me. I'm thankful to you all for your GoFund Me efforts that allow me to care for her full-time for now because it's truly a full-time job. 

The days can be really hard, but it's worth it. Seeing her progress has been astounding. No one knew where she would be in 8 months but I can guarantee no one thought she'd be here. 

"This baby just keeps proving everybody wrong" said one of her doctors recently. 

That's right baby girl. You keep showing off, and moving mountains, for you do it so very well.

*Below are some pictures from physical therapy. Notice the progression from slightly enjoying it to totally over it.   

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