Beauty in the Black

I've had a song rolling around in my head this week from the Bethel album. "God I look to You. I won't be overwhelmed. Give me vision-to see things like You do."

Vision to see things the way God sees them.

What is vision? the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

Then I was cleaning out a drawer this week and I found this photo.

Joel took this photo during a photography class he was taking before he got sick. He played around with the color of the image and then made a print of it. This past year it stayed shoved away in a drawer with a thousand other things that I didn't touch all year. When I saw this photo it made me think of the song and think about vision. How am I seeing things in front of me and the things yet to be? I know in the recent trials of our life it was really easy to be short-sided, only dealing with what was straight ahead. In the natural things looked bleak many days. The way that I can tend to view things is in the black and white of what's in front of me. But I see this picture as a picture of God's vision. In the midst of our bleak black and white He sees the vibrate beauty of color. In our darkest days He saw the beauty of His name being glorified in our pain, the beauty of our lives being transformed to become more like Him, the beauty in daily miracles and the quiet comforting of our soul with His peace. We can't always see it-but the beauty is always there-it sometimes just takes a little vision to anticipate the beauty of what's ahead.

My prayer has been to start to see things the way God sees it. And to be able-even in the darkest moments-to find the beauty and to walk in grace.To have vision to see things the way He does. Beautiful.