Friends in odd places

The craziest thing happened to me today. I was at work & a woman that I had never met before stopped me in the hall & asked me if I use to be a worship leader at a certain church in Norman where Joel & I use to attend. I told her that yes, I had been. She told me that she had been to that church many times & had enjoyed hearing me sing. I smiled, thanked her & thought that was the end of the conversation. As I was washing my hands a few minutes later she approaches me again. “I had visited that church before but stopped attending once I got sick with cancer” she said. I stopped & looked at her-“my husband was recently diagnosed with cancer”-I told her. It was like an instant connection between the two of us. I can’t even explain it. I think because it is such a life-changing thing to go through when you meet someone else that has gone through it you instantly can relate to thousands of experiences without even saying a word. She spent the next few minutes telling me how we would get through this. How it seems like there is not light at the end of the tunnel but there really is. She reminded me of the verse-This is the day that the Lord has made & I will rejoice & be glad in it!! Rejoice in each day-she reminded me. Even if it is a hard day-even if you are exhausted & at the end of your rope-rejoice in the day that God has given to you. I walked away from that meeting refreshed & encouraged by a woman who had been there & who is now a cancer survivor. I also walked away baffled at a random meeting with a stranger, in a bathroom, that blessed me completely. Some may look at that & say wow what a coincidence but I see it as so much more. I see it as a God orchestrated encounter using this woman to be His words to me in a time when I really needed them. In moments like this, the love of my Father for me is so overwhelming & my faith is so stirred. And I thank Him for this moment & rejoice in this day.Joel made it through chemo round #5 on Tuesday. 5 rounds down 13 more to go. At this point we are a little bit more than 25% done. It may seem like only a small amount but we are baby stepping to that 100% mark!!! (For those of you who know & love the cinematic magic that is “What About Bob” you should enjoy that reference!! Ha ha) Joel had a rough moment this week where he was expressing how difficult this is & how lonely he feels. He isn’t working & hasn’t been since June. His entire life has been battling this disease. He is away from his work routine & his co-worker friends. He is by himself most of the day. On the weekends he sometimes can’t leave the house & we rarely see our friends. I am the kind of person that could totally be a monk & not be around others for months & be ok. I enjoy the company of others but I also enjoy solitude. Joel is the opposite. He craves human companionship & interaction. He hates to be alone. I live in his world but I also get to go back to work on certain days & it feels a little like how life used to be. For Joel, life has changed, & it has never gone back to how it was. I have read many times that being a cancer patient can be the most lonely place in the world. For someone like Joel, who loves people, I am sure it feels even lonelier. We are trying to find solutions to this problem. But if you are a friend of Joel’s-I am sure he would love for you to drop by or give him a call. Our friendships with others have kept us lifted during this situation & he is needing it now more than ever. I know we have a long road to go but I am certain that the true friendships in our life will be there with us through it. Those people mean more to us than they will ever know. And our true friends-know who they are. We love you! Can you believe Thanksgiving is in less than a week?!? I can’t. Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday & I think Black Friday is Joel’s! :) The holiday’s have been a nice welcome distraction for us this year. We are excited for next week.

Thanks for checking in on us! Love, Sarah