Around Me

Today is my wedding anniversary.Joel and I would have been married 9 years this very day. Last year was a difficult anniversary as we tried mightily to celebrate in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Still, I learned something last year. I learned to have a thankful heart. No matter your circumstances. No matter the pain. No matter where you are. No matter the day.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Wise words from Dr Seuss.

As much as those words ring true, my heart will always be broken for the simple thing we always wanted but in the end didn't receive.

Time. More of it.


My heart will also always be thankful for the time we did get. I am a better me for having the chance to know and love my husband. Out of our love was birthed the most amazing little boy and a soon to be little girl. Our love continues to mold and guide me every day. Our love keeps me moving forward, hoping to make him proud of me, in some small way.

Although his love is not right beside me, his love is all around me. This day and every day.

And for that, I will always, always be so very grateful.

Happy Anniversary, my love.