Appointments Appointments

It’s about to begin.This next week is our last peaceful week, hibernating at home. The following week it all starts. Ellis has 3 doctors appointments and a nurses visit all within a 2 week period.

It’s hard.

My friend said it perfectly-you get home from a traumatic month in the hospital and you just want to be done. You just want to relax and let your baby be a baby. You don’t want people touching her, poking her and bothering her.

She’s had enough. We’ve had enough.

The reality of the situation is we aren’t to that point yet. She still needs people checking up on her. She needs therapy to make sure she is advancing as she should. Still, it is difficult. As her Mama I wish we could just be done with it all. I wish life could go back to some kind of normalcy. There’s much hard work ahead. It is exhausting to even think about.

What I try to keep in mind is the farther we march forward the farther away we get from the hardest parts. I truly believe that. The absolute worst part, thinking she might not live, is already over. As time moves ahead, she gets better and better. She’s developed more and more. I’m realizing my girl wasn’t just a fighter once. She’s not only fought to live, now she’s fighting to thrive. I see it in her every day. I’m so proud of her. I wrote in a blog once “watch out world, Ellis is getting ready to roar.” And roar she does. Every day.

Her appointments involve a check in with her Pediatrician, a follow up with Neurology and the start of her rehab appointments. I don’t know what to expect. I’m apprehensive and nervous. I shouldn’t be. I know the Lord goes before me. I know He promises to finish what He started. I believe He will.

Please keep us in your prayers. Please pray for a good medical team that will surround us and root for us. Pray for continued strength and progress for Ellis. Pray for peace for this Mama’s heart.

Our GoFund Me page was having some technical difficulties earlier in the week but it should be back up and running now. I wanted to thank you for your continued donations to Ellis’ medical fund that helps pay for her accumulated bills as well as family expenses while I’ve taken off work to care for her. I’ve made it a point to not look at who donates what, because it’s a humbling situation as it is. I do want to say that as a family we are so blessed by your support. It doesn’t matter to us whether it is $1 or $1,000 we are just beyond blown away at the way you’ve given selflessly to support us. Thank you, thank you.

As her medical appointments unfold I will continue to keep you updated. I wish you could hear the reports from her nurse on her check-ins every other week. She tells us how much Ellis is improving with every visit. She tells us how astounded she is by our baby girl. And she reassures me constantly of the miracle that is her life. Let the astounding continue.

No doubt it will.

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Nothing better than a sleeping baby.