Another Update

Hello All! Sorry I have been M.I.A. on this blog the last few days. This last chemo round took a lot out of us both. I don't want to sound whiny because obviously Joel has the toughest part in all of this :) But the role of caretaker isn't always the easiest role. I stay the whole week with him at the hospital, sleeping in my trusty recliner, getting very little rest. Then I have 2 days to try to recoup & regroup then its back to work for me that Monday. I work 2 weeks then do it all over again. It's strange floating back & forth between the two worlds. But I have to take care of Joel as well as working to provide for us. Its not easy & most days I am just plain exhausted once I get home. I know this is just for a season, albeit a long one!!! And I wouldn't have it any other way. Joel has done pretty well this cycle. People have asked what his symptoms are. Well, he has lost his hair then it started to grow back now its falling out again. He gets pretty nauseated but the remedy for this seems to be eating! It doesn't make sense as it should be the other way around but we are thankful for this. Certain foods & drinks no longer taste the same or have a weird taste to him. He's tired a lot of the time & requires lots of rest. He has fluctuating body temps & almost flu-like aches & pains. As I've said before we have to keep a close eye on his blood counts & if they're low-we cant leave the house. That's pretty much it. He is handling it well. He inspires me every day! We are gearing up for our next trip to MD Anderson in Houston. We fly out next Wednesday. They will be running all kinds of tests to check for spreading-as they will do every 6 weeks for the next year. We will also be meeting with his Doctor. We would appreciate your prayers as we make our trip. Every time we go it can be a little scary getting the tests done. But we continue to believe in Gods faithfulness to us & trust that the results will be completely clear. Thanks for believing with us

We love you! Sarah & Joel

Ps-Thanks so much Helen M. for the sweet cards you sent to Joel & I!