Another Update

Hi Everybody! Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been blogging as much lately & that is because we are in a waiting period right now as far as the next step in our lives. We know that chemo is what is next for Joel. The doctor has told us that Joel needs to take a few weeks to recover from the surgery before his body will be ready to take on chemotherapy. Here is what our immediate next step is. We are going to meet with 2 different Oncologists. The first appointment will be with a specialist at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. We are going there because they are the best cancer center in the nation. Joel's surgeon recommended that it would be a good idea to go there first & get an opinion from them on how to proceed as far as chemo. The main reason for that is because of how rare the cancer was that Joel had. After our appointment with them we have an appointment with an Oncologist at the hospital in OKC that has administered all of Joel's care thus far. Our hope is that whatever treatment they prescribe at MD Anderson will be something that we can take & give to Joel here in OKC. That would be the easiest way for us. If not we might possibly be looking at frequent trips to Houston & maybe even the possibility of temporarily re-locating there. While it would be very difficult to do his treatments in Houston we want what's best for Joel. And we will make sure he get's the best of what he needs no matter what the personal sacrifice to us. But everything is still very much in the air. We are waiting to hear back from MD Anderson on an appointment date but they have told us it should be at the end of this month. I will let you know once we know.

Joel has been recovering nicely. He still has good days & bad ones. Right now he is able to do about 1 outing every other day for about an hour tops. Then we spend the rest of our time at home. Every time we get to leave the house we are so thankful for whatever time we have to go out be it a large or small amount. He still tires easily & takes many naps. It is so hard to think that he is working hard to build his body up & recover only for it to be broken down again in a few months by the chemotherapy. For me, it is the hardest thing in the world to see my big strong husband so weak & struggling with so many things.

On Thursday night we were able to go have a small dinner at our favorite place in Norman, Victoria's. Then we came home & spent the rest of the evening watching TV. Every night before we go to bed we have started saying 1 thing that we are thankful for that day. Mine for the day was that for a brief couple of hours it felt like our old life. It almost brought me to tears the thankfulness for that evening but also the sorrow of not having many days like that any more. Our life as we knew it is no longer our life as we knew it. That has been the hardest part of all of this. Some days I struggle with it more than others. All we can do is keep moving forward & know that one day our lives will develop some kind of normalcy once again. I look forward to that day.

I want to give a special thanks to all of you who continue to keep up with our blog & keep us in your prayers. Our blog traffic has gone way down since our all-time high of 700 readers (the day of Joel's surgery). I know for many of the readers, especially ones who don't know us, after that day their journey with us was over. But honestly, our journey has really only just begun. Cancer is a terrible disease. It will be an intimate part of our lives for the next 5 years. We will have a few months of chemo. Then every few months testing to make sure it hasn't come back. There will be difficult days & days that we need more prayers than others. So I thank you all, the faithful few, who have remained there for us-praying for us-& loving on us. You all are truly God's biggest blessing to us & we love you with all of our hearts!!

Sarah & Joel