An update-We Need Prayers

Last evening Joel started to experience extreme confusion and disorientation. They took him back for a CT scan which revealed bleeding and also swelling now to the other side of his brain. They immediately put him in an ambulance and took him back to his original hospital. We were in the ER most of the night and he was transferred back to ICU this morning, oddly in the same room as before. He is back on a ventilator and in critical condition.This is devastating. He had been in rehab for 2 weeks and pushing forward with his therapy and now we have taken a million steps backwards. Here's the facts but God is greater than the facts. Options are limited. His body is tired. He has already had a stroke and 2 major surgeries within days of each other-and now this. The plan now is just to wait and see what happens with the bleeding and the swelling. The next few days are crucial. We simply ask that you pray for a miracle because that is what we need. We need an absolute miracle. My husband is a fighter and his body is fighting. And we are fighting and believing for his life every second of the day. Though doctors tell us we appear to be in a hopeless situation, we are still holding, clinging to hope that my husband will live. Please pray with us.

My Heart Will Trust In You-Hillsong

I'll walk closer now on the higher way Through the darkest night will you hold my hand Jesus guide my way

O you mourn with me and you dance with me For my heart of hearts is bound to you

Though I walk through valleys low I'll fear no evil By the waters still my soul, My heart will trust in You

O You counsel me and You comfort me When I cannot see, You light my path

My heart will trust in you