All You Need is Love

Valentines Day.This holiday normally elicits a joyous response or one of disdain. There tends to be no middle ground. For me it's my first Valentines since losing my love. I will admit it hasn't been easy going into the stores seeing the flowers, chocolates and balloons everywhere. Love, love, love is everywhere I look. Naturally it pulls at my heart. As the song goes "all you need is love", right? Well what if you don't have that kind of love? Or even worse, you had it but lost it? At first I thought I would just ignore this blessed holiday and hope it passes quickly. But then I changed my mind. I see too many people who allow this holiday to make them sad for what they don't have. How about we decide to make it about what we do have? Too many times we mourn the things we wish we had. It's so easy to mourn. You have to sometimes make a choice to fight for your joy. I've decided fight, I will. I will celebrate. This Valentines Day will be seen as the day of true love. My life is blessed with so many people who I love and thankfully who love me right back. I'm so thankful for those who's relationships bring laughter to my life and healing to my soul. This holiday will be about them. Spent with them. It will be about blessings. It will be about friendship. It will be about relationship. It will be about,

20140213-111515.jpg My sweet Milo, my true Valentine.

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