All Things New

“It’s always like spring time with You, making all things new. You’re light is breaking through the dark.” From the song This is What You Do-Jeremy Riddle


Last Friday night Joel told me he was going outside to mow the lawn. I told him ok and went back to the magazine I was reading. As I sat in the house reading and hearing the lawn mower buzzing about in the backyard I stopped cold. Joel was mowing. Joel was mowing!! I got the biggest smile on my face and my heart was filled with an insane amount of joy. “Joy about Joel mowing?” one might ask. Absolutely. It was 2 summers ago that Joel got sick. His surgery was in May and chemo was soon after for an entire year that bled over into the next summer. During that time my Dad came by nearly every week to mow our lawn and we dubbed him our official “lawn boy.” Joel didn’t complain about it, in fact we appreciated the help, but the look in his eyes was always a look of humbleness by the fact that simple every day things he was now to sick to do. At first it makes you a little angry and defeated but then you use that anger as fuel to be able to fight.


We had another similar moment the week before. Joel’s beard was growing and it was out of control.

*Randomn side note-I always said I would never marry a man with facial hair or who liked to shop. Yeah-I’m 0 for 2 on that one!

He hadn’t shaved in days and I was teasing him, telling him he needed to shave because he looked like a mountain man. And then I stopped and went back to 2 years prior. I would sweep the floors of our home and it would almost look like I had swept the floor of a barber shop. My dust pan was constantly filled with hair, our bathroom counter tops, our bed sheets-it was everywhere. I became nearly obsessive about sweeping it up before he could see it. I didn’t want to upset him and for awhile it didn’t-until the eye brows and eye lashes went. It was an adjustment seeing my curly haired husband  go from thick dark lashes, even thicker brows, and his continual gotee to looking nearly like a ghost. In that time I could have never imagined telling him to shave once again. That is why this simple moment of banter stops you cold in your tracks and your heart overflow with thankfulness.

I believe that God has been making all things new in our lives during this season. I hear people all of the time talking about not understanding how God allows people to go through such bad things in life and they focus on that. I will say that not once during our ordeal did I feel like all of the sickness and bad things were being poured out onto us straight from God. What I felt coming from God was strength to endure, faithfulness, and mercies new every morning. I have been reading recently about the time Jesus walked on this earth and to me that is the most accurate portrait of God himself. Jesus was always amongst the people, teaching them, healing them, being moved with compassion for them and their suffering even to the point of tears. No where does it say that He was indifferent to their needs-rather He was drawn to their needs. That is my view of God and that is what I have found Him to be in our life.

As Joel came in the house from mowing exhausted and sweaty he had the biggest smile on his face. I looked at him and knew that he was rejoicing in the exact victory that I was rejoicing in as well. For a moment we both said nothing then I broke the silence “It feels good doesn’t it babe?” His smile widened even more “Yes it feels really good.”

It feels.....well it feels like a small yet important victory. Most of all it feels like He is making all things new-once again.