All About Milo

Milo is 1 week old today and we are so in love. I know everyone says that, and I have heard it a million times over from others, but it's just different when it's you. We really struggled with what to name this little guy. Growing up as one of a thousand Sarah's (I then became Sarah S. as opposed to Sarah G. or a Sarah M. etc.) I wanted something unique but not too unique that he would get teased for his name. Since this baby was going to be the first boy on Joel's side of the family we also wanted a name that was used in their family. Joel's middle name is Emilio and his Dad's first name was Emilio. I was reading in a baby book and saw the name Emilio and it had another version of this name listed as Milo. We loved it. We also wanted to make sure the name had a strong meaning and Milo means Soldier. After everything we had to go through to get pregnant this baby was definitely a little Soldier to be able to make his way to us. His middle name Andrew has roots on both my side and Joel's. Andrew means Warrior and I love that. Andrew was also the disciple that was known as the gatherer who was always going out and bringing people to Jesus. We loved that about the name. So that is how we came up with Milo Andrew.

Here's a few pics from his first week of life.


Moments after birth

Like father like son

In his Thunder hat

Tuckered out


Joel was kissing Milo on his nose and every time he would kiss him Milo would break out in the biggest smile. It was the most precious thing I have ever seen. I was able to catch a small part of the smile.

Morning people!

Milo the super model at his newborn session

Here is a sneak peak picture from his newborn session. Love love love this photo. I was so worried about this session and him being naked and posed for 2 hours but this kiddo surprised me. He didn't even so much as whimper the entire time.He's a natural. His photographer, Angel Porch, is beyond amazing-especially with newborns and kiddos. Check out her photo's at Art & Soul Photography.

Ok-I'm going to go sleep now ;)