A Difference

Last Wednesday was one of the most amazing days I have ever had the chance to be a part of.It took me awhile to figure out exactly why. Sure, it was amazing to see people come together to honor my husbands life. He would've felt incredibly humbled by that. I think in the end, the best part of all, was it felt like we were all joining together to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

It was bigger than an idea we had. It was bigger than a person being honored. It was bigger than a story. It was bigger than me. It was bigger than you.

What I realized about that day is there are no limits to the difference a life can make. His. Mine. Yours. All of ours.

Three different people went to hand out their cards around Oklahoma and the people they wanted to serve already knew of our family and our story.

At random. Three times.

Our story has traveled far and wide. Probably more so than I will ever realize on this earth. I certainly don't say that to pat ourselves on the back. Frankly, it has nothing to do with us. Rather it speaks to the difference one person can make.

One life can make. One story can make.

And we never even realize it until the pieces come together perfectly and we see the full picture. It was life changing for me to get to witness that with my own eyes.

I have known many people over the past few years who have taken their own lives. It breaks my heart. I thought of them last Wednesday. I thought of how hopeless they must have felt. How they may have felt unseen. How they may have felt as if their life was unimportant. But I wonder if their life was making a difference in ways they never even knew? If they touched lives they never realized? If they affected change, in the little ways, every single day?

Every life has a purpose and every life is important. Every single last one. To be known. To be thought of. To be loved.

It was so evident in the emails I received. People who would break down in tears because you gave them a giftcard.

A giftcard.

It's not even about the gift card. It's about connecting with them. They felt loved. They felt honored. They felt blessed. They felt seen. There's so much power in that.

What on honor it is to give. To give fully and wholly. It blesses you. It blesses them.

The moment you get outside yourself and give of yourself to others is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

You can affect change daily. So can your story. So keep telling it. Keep living it.

Last Wednesday made it all the more clear.

One story can make a difference. One act can change a day. One life can change the world.

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