A cupcake & a prayer

A month ago if I had been having a rough time & someone asked me what I needed my reply would have been instant..........a cupcake! There's just something that makes you feel happy when you eat them-all that yummy moistness & wonderful icing. I developed a love for cupcakes while living in NYC. There was bakery close to where I worked & we would frequently have mid-afternoon "cupcake breaks". Since moving back to Oklahoma I have been on a quest to find the best cupcake in the Norman/OKC area & recently I did. And they are vegan cupcakes no less! Yum. My friend Lindsey has a similar love for cupcakes & once a week we leave work on our lunch break & make the short jaunt down the road to get our cupcake. A few days before we got Joel's news there was a major hail storm in Oklahoma & the unthinkable happened.......my cupcake place closed down for 3 whole weeks!! It is still closed!!! The past week all I have wanted is one of their darn cupcakes & they allude me still. Really though-many people have asked us the question "what do you need" or "what can we do for you". Our #1 answer-not even cupcakes-but prayer. It means so much to us to know that we have people that we know are standing with us & praying with us. And really that is what we need more than anything. In desperate times of need your desires & perspective can certainly change & ours has. I am currently reading an excellent book called "Facing your Giants" by Max Lucado. There's a quote in there that summed up says "You never know that God is all you need until God is all you have." Through our situation we now know that to be true. Well that......& a good cupcake never hurt anyone :)

Good news for Joel-he has not passed any blood clots in the last 24 hours! This has been a big relief to us. It is really scary when the clots start to pass. We have basically put Joel on bed-rest until his surgery next week. Today I took the day to clean my house & organize things since we will be at the hospital for at least a week. My Dad & our friend Jack came & spent over 2 hours doing our lawn! Joel normally takes care of the yard work for us & my Dad has now said that he will be our lawn-boy until Joel is healed & all better. As we were all working around the house all day Joel found it difficult just to sit & watch everyone else doing it all. I told him that he will be back to doing chores in no time.

Thanks for reading & for your comments!

We love you,

Sarah & Joel