A Baldy but a Goody

Well it finally happened. Joel's hair has started to fall out. He decided to take a razor to what was left & he now has a shiny, bald head. His facial hair hasn't quite fallen all the way out yet but I am sure that is just around the corner. We knew this was coming  but once it happens it is still un-nerving. All throughout this journey he has never "looked" like a cancer patient. He now looks very much like a cancer patient. It is sad to see & it was sad for him once it happened. But he has kept a good sense of humor about it & it is a sign of him being a survivor so that is the way we are going to view it. He's a guy so his hair will eventually grow back. Besides that Joel is doing well. His blood test today revealed that his blood count was back to a normal level. We still have to be careful around too big of crowds or anyone that is sick. But they have given us the clear to go out a time or two. I never thought that I would be so excited to do the things that we use to be able to do any time that we wanted. Just a simple night of eating dinner out has now become a rare occasion & a privilege. We have definitely learned not to take even the most simple things for granted anymore. That is actually something that I hope stays with us once we are past this. Thankfulness for the small things.

2 big fundraiser events are being held for us in the next few days! Tomorrow my department is hosting a bake sale for us. Also, this coming Monday is a huge golf tournament that is being put on by Joel's work department. They are trying to raise money mostly for our medical bill bills & travel costs back & forth to Houston (it will all easily be higher than $30,000). Our friends have really rallied around us & gone the extra mile in trying to make sure that we have what we need to get through this next year. It is been pretty amazing.

Joel starts round #2 of chemo this coming Monday. If you pray for us something that you continue to pray is that he continues to be strong & is able to make  it through without symptoms. What we have found is the week of chemo isn't as bad but the week after recovery time was pretty brutal. We are hoping that this time will be easier because we know more of what to expect. As always, I will blog updates throughout.

Thanks for checking in on us. We love you friends!

Sarah & Joel