9 Months

My precious baby boy each month is getting farther & farther away from being that chubby little baby who was content to let us hold him for hours. Now you can hardly get him to sit still or keep him corralled. He wants to be everywhere & explore everything there is to explore. His personality is shining through more & more. He is definitely one that likes to be silly, loves to laugh & loves to make you laugh. That is 100% his father. Speaking of which he said his first word this past month-Dada. Joel loves to hear him say this word over & over so I have to gently remind him that he's got Dada down & we need to move on to learning Momma now :) Like I mentioned before Milo is always on the go. He loves crawling around to explore every nook & cranny of our home, normally crawling with a toy in each hand as he goes. As time has gone on he's dropped more bottles & naps as we slowly transition him entirely to big people food. I wouldn't say he's the pickiest eater in the world but like most babies he definitely prefers fruits to veggies. He cut two teeth this past month without so much as a whimper-such a blessing I know. He's a tough little guy. He falls & bonks his head all the time. Sometimes it's so loud that I'm just waiting for the scream. Normally though he just looks up at me & smiles & takes off to do something else. He learned how to take off his own pants & thinks this is the funniest thing in the world. He now does this all the time at daycare & his teachers often having to grab his pants & put them back on. That'll make for a funny story to tell him years on down the line. As much as it is hard that he may not want to snuggle for hours at a time I also love seeing so much more of the person that he is becoming. Such an amazing baby boy that one. Here's some pics from the last month.