7 Months

These monthly update posts seem to come more and more quickly. I say this every month but it's hard to believe that another month has passed and Milo is another month closer to being one. That age seems like such a huge milestone to me. It still blows my mind how many milestones come from month to month. This month there weren't a lot of new things just a refining of the skills he has already picked up. He pretty much sits up on his own. He gets up on all fours & rocks back & forth as if he's ready to take off at any minute. I suspect crawling will come in the next few weeks. He's being doing a lot of "talking" with a few Momma's sprinkled in there. I won't count this as his first official word because I'm not sure if he realizes that he's talking but I am pretty determined to teach him Momma as his first word ha ha. Along with baby foods we have started to do a few small table food things and will really ramp up on that in the next month. He has gone from exploring to now really enjoying playing. We've been blessed with tons of toys that our friends children have outgrown. He loves going into his play room with the toys spread all around and go from toy to toy. I've read to him every night practically since birth and he now likes to join in on the fun by turning the pages himself. He sometimes gets so excited he turns it before I even get the first sentence out :) He has become even more of a cuddle bug & perfected the art of giving kisses especially when he thinks it can delay things like bed time. I continue to watch him grow in amazement and wonder and am so honored to be a part of seeing the little person he is becoming. Love him.