5 months

Well it seems like just yesterday I was writing the 4 month post and now we're already to 5 months. It's truly crazy how quickly his first year is going. I like to try to do a monthly post so I can remember all of his progress. So at 5 months he finally started to roll. At first it was just to one side but now he rolls both ways. He is not the biggest fan of rolling from his tummy to his back & when Mommas around he'd prefer to fuss so I will just do it for him! He is getting so good at reaching and grabbing for things and is constantly grabbing his toys and putting them in his mouth. Drooling and teething continues but no teeth quite yet. He loves to flail backwards and thinks its the funniest thing in the world to be upside down. He moved from one solid meal a day to two and we are about to include fruits and veggies-a whole new world! He loves his bouncy seat and could bounce around in that thing for hours and hours. He still loves to cuddle and I'm hoping it stays that way. We love love love our baby boy! Here's some pics from this last month.