My Heart

The other day my Dad was teasing me he could tell the blogging days where I'm "tired" and I only post something short about Milo. Honestly, that's not the reason at all. I believe there's a time for everything. There's a time to go deep and speak of the words God is stirring in my heart. There's also a time to display the core of who I am and a big part of that is being a Mom. I try to give you readers a bit of both. A peak into the small daily joys of our life and a look at our deepest sorrows and life lessons as well. I try to toe the line between life and all its meaning and just my life in general. That's my mission as I blog. To inspire you on my journey, yes, but to show you in it all we're just a family too. Ones who's lives have been shaken but ones who love each other and Jesus like never before. I've walked through the deepest of valleys but each day I still find joy. Truly many days it's in the smile of this little boy.