3 Months

Well our little Milo turned 3 months old last week. I really cannot believe it at all. He's growing so fast it's unbelievable. This month has really been a milestone month for him as far as development. He went from being just a little snuggly blob to a full on person with likes dislikes & a personality! It's so crazy to watch it unfold. This month he's starting to like to hold his own bottle and rolling from his back to his side (he's thiiiiiiiis close to rolling over all the way). When you hold him he likes to be sitting up to be a part of all the action. Of course he still smiles all the time but now he is starting to full on laugh at things. It's the sweetest thing to get him going. Love being this boys Momma.Here's some pics of all the things he likes to do now.