2 years down...

Dates aren't normally important to me and many times I fail to remember the important ones but there is one that I NEVER forget. That would be today's date-June 14th-Joel's remission date. For those of you new to the blog here's a little reminder of where we were our first June 14th-Joel's surgery date to remove his kidney and the cancer inside of it. http://joelandsarahsjourney.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/the-best-worst-day-of-our-lives-june-14th/

And here's where we were at a year later-celebrating one year of cancer remission.


We have a tradition now of taking a picture for every year of remission. This year I was sitting in the baby's room on the floor folding his clothes and Joel came in and we took the picture. As I look at this picture, with the crib in the background, I just see it as a portrait of our future. Every year with cancer is unknown and every year that you can get under your belt is a big thing. We have so many amazing things in store for our future and we just trust in God's continued faithfulness in our lives. And we believe, with all of our hearts, the next year will be his third year of remission and that we will be celebrating with our precious son. We believe that good things are ahead and we believe that our best is yet to be. 2 years down and 3 to go!