18 Months

Back when my baby boy was in his first year of life I did a monthly blog post telling of his progress each month. I haven't done one of those in the past 6 months. However, I believe the fact Milo just turned a year and a half warrants a post, so here goes. I say this every month but I can't believe my son is getting so big. I believe as a mama there's a part of you that will always see your baby as just that, your baby. Especially if you are a mama biologically and your little baby grew in your belly from the size of a bean to a full on baby. It is such an amazing miracle, the process of conception and life. I will never get over how creative Gods designs are.

Milo is a full on toddler now. He lets you know what he likes and doesn't like to eat, watch and do. When he wants something he goes over and grabs your hand and pulls you to where he wants you to be. He is full of energy and typically runs anywhere he wants to go. If he's not running he's dancing. He loves to sing, dance and do anything that involves music. He talks so well and has a huge vocabulary. He knows words for most things and is able to string the words together well enough to tell us what he wants. Talking in full-on sentences will not be far behind. He loves people and gets totally energized by their presence. He is such a love-bug and loves to give liberal hugs and kisses to those he knows. One of my favorite things is when I'm cooking dinner and he comes and throws his arms around my leg and grunts as he gives me a huge hug. He does things like this all the time. As independent as he is he still loves to grab his blanket, climb up in my lap and snuggle. Along with music he also loves playing with his basketball, dinosaurs and adores playing "fix-it" with his new tool set. He loves helping and cleaning-yay!

Milo is Gods greatest gift to me. After struggling so long to have him I appreciate each day with this boy. He is a piece of my husband here on this earth and in Joel's absence I treasure that even more. From his looks, to who he is, I get to see my husband in him every day. No matter how big he gets he'll always be my baby boy and forever my life's greatest blessing. If only I could make him quit growing up so fast!