First off I wanted to thank everyone who has left comments, sent texts, and all the phone calls from everyone who has told us that they are praying for us. After Joel's last scan we have had a lot of love and support from everyone and it has meant the world to both of us. I know that everyone has their own lives, busy ones at that, and I know that so many of you have taken time out of your lives to lift us up in prayer. I never, ever take that lightly-so thank you thank you!!! Joel starts his next to last chemo cycle tomorrow. This cycle is a little bit of an odd one. Since the chemo ward was closed for Memorial day Joel will have chemo Tuesday-Friday of this week and then he will have his last day on Monday of next week. This is the first time we have gotten off of our normal Monday-Friday schedule. We really don't know how, if at all, it will affect Joel. We are praying that his body responds well.

This weekend we didn't do much of anything but stay home and rest. We did venture out one night and had dinner with friends (picture posted below) but other than that it was a quiet holiday for us. Sometimes it gets a little difficult not being able to go out and do things that others are doing. Cancer is an extremely isolating disease and I am constantly feeling like everyone is going about life as normal while we are stuck on pause. It is not just a part of our lives-it is our whole life. I was asked the other day if I have someone that I can talk to about what I am going through to try to relieve some of the stress. My response was that I really don't because no one really understands. Unless you have been through it yourself you can never understand all the ways it affects you and what it will do to your life. I know I have girlfriends that would be open to talking about things with me but I just don't really like to. I guess I would say it's like trying to describe a beautiful portrait to someone who is blind. You will be able to give an overview of what it is you're experiencing but you will never be able to fully capture the true picture for them. And that is what makes you feel really isolated and alone. That is a lot of the reason why when people ask us what we need it's really just prayer. That's what is the greatest comfort to us and the biggest way that people can help us. We look forward to the day when we can just feel a little bit more normal once again. We have glimpses of it every now and again and those days are nice.  We know we will get there. We almost look forward to this week with a small sense of excitement. We know that after this cycle it will be his last cycle. And that-is a very exciting place to be :)

Thank you, once again, for checking in on us. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!