The time has come to start chemo round #12. We got here early this morning and Joel is receiving his chemo as I write this. You start to get to know people in the chemo ward and we certainly have as we have been here for almost a year. 2 different women who's husbands are receiving chemo came up to Joel this morning telling him how good he looks with his new hair. I could tell by his big smile that made him really happy. We are definitely past the worst of it as far as him losing his hair and all of the scary stuff that comes with that. It has been odd all of the different stages and ways that he has changed physically in the past year. We started with Joel's surgery and all of the massive amounts of weight that he lost, then to him blowing back up because of the steroids in the chemo, then him losing every strand of hair on his entire body-to now a full head of hair that for some unknown reason is completely straight instead of his normal curly. This year has definitely run the full gamut of changes to him in many ways. On Friday night our church had a banquet to honor all of the volunteers that help out. If it had been any other weekend we would not have been able to go but since it fell at the very end of his cycle, he felt up to going. As we got all dressed up and ready we both realized that it was the first time in a full year that we had gotten dressed up for an event of some kind. The last time that I remember is a wedding that we attended last April, a few weeks before his diagnosis. Joel loved getting dressed up in his shirt, tie, and slacks. I guess when you are home every day in shorts and a t-shirt a tie really feels like a big deal. For us it was another one of those moments that many people take for granted but it is so special because we have very few nights out these days. I know at some point life will move forward and events like this will become more normal again. I hope that we never forget this point and time and that we always remember to cherish the little things. Here is a photo from Friday night. I forget that we can clean up pretty nicely-ha ha!

Chemo week is a long one and not easy on either of us. I take off the first day of work since it is the longest chemo day then the rest of the week I get people to give Joel rides up here. I work through my lunch so that I can leave early and meet Joel here at the start of his chemo. By the end of the week we are both exhausted mentally, and him physically. We really appreciate those of you who give us an extra amount of prayers during this week because we can sure use them.

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday-and if you aren't remember....you could be spending it in a chemo ward!! Suddenly makes your Monday sound not so bad, huh? ;)