Hello Blog Readers! Last week was a busy week for Joel and I. We got back from Houston on Tuesday and we were going going for the rest of the week. On Joel's last week before chemo is when he starts to feel the most like himself so he ends up pushing himself a little too much to do things around our house that need to be done. This week he was dead set on getting flowers in our flower bed. With Mom's help he got it done and the yard looks good. We also received a package in the mail. Hmmmmm I didn't remember ordering anything? When Joel opened the box this was in it:

That's right ladies and gentleman-that is a helicopter. Why does he need a helicopter? Well to fly it around our house of course! When I first saw this helicopter I was a tad irritated at the money that was spent on such an un-practical object. Then once I thought about how much time Joel has to spend at home I thought-if a helicopter helps pass the time and bring him enjoyment-well then it's money well spent I suppose. Every guy needs a home helicopter-right??

Update on our non-profit-last week was a big one for us as we filed all of our final tax paperwork to receive our non-profit status!! All of this paperwork was quite a lot of work in getting it all ready particularly with everything else we have going on. Since Joel hasn't been feeling well most of the time I went ahead and took it on myself to complete along with our CPA. Thankfully my Uncle Gary had recently opened up a non-proft of his own and his help and guidance was invaluable. It was so much more work than I ever imagined it would be just to get together paperwork. But we knew that this was part of bringing our dream into fruition so we just kept pushing forward. Now all we have to do is wait for the IRS approval to come through or for them to request more information from us. Either way-the first step has been completed. We also received our certificate of incorporation which is exciting and makes everything feel like it's coming together! We have so many dreams for the people that we want to help through this foundation-this is just the beginning.

Today we started chemo round #11. When we walked in all of the nurses were going on and on at Joel's hair! Once they switched Joel's chemo med's about 6 weeks ago he quickly regrew his hair, eyebrows, lashes and a full on beard. He was very excited to get his eyebrows back as it makes him feel like himself again. For me-it's actually odd seeing him with hair. He was bald for so long that seeing all the hair actually feels a little weird. But seeing him  those few months, he actually looked so much like a cancer patient. He looked very frail and very sickly. He wasn't the Joel that I knew and it was hard to see him that way. Now that he looks like the old Joel it makes us feel like he has finally rounded a corner in his recovery. It is very exciting to us.  This picture was taken this past weekend while having dinner with our friends-the Wilson's. Check out that beard!

If you would like to know how to pray-please be praying for his chemo cycle this week. Pray that the symptoms and the nausea stay away and that instead he would be strengthened throughout this week. The night before his chemo starts he has started to actually feel sick and nauseated just at the thought of the week ahead. Our MD Anderson doctor told us that this is very normal as your mind has an incredible ability to remember traumatic events and display symptoms related to that event. I know it's never easy for him before a chemo cycle and he struggles with it every time. He is very brave.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for checking in.

We love you lots!! Sarah & Joel