Choose Joy Project 2018

 What is the Choose Joy Project?

The very first year of my late husband Joel's passing from cancer, I wanted to honor his life in a positive way and thus the Choose Joy Project was birthed.

The Choose Joy Project is a day where we do a random act of kindness to honor the life of Joel, a man who valued giving to others above all else. It is also a day that gives us the incredible gift of feeling the value in giving over receiving  

This project is an amazing chance for YOU to do something possibly a little bit stretching, but a whole lot of rewarding.

What is a random act of kindness?

It is many things.

  • It can be buying someone a meal.
  • It can be leaving someone a kind note of encouragement.
  • It can be filling up someone’s car with gas.
  • It can be paying for someone’s groceries.
  • It can be mowing someone’s lawn.

Anything, from big to small, that translates as a kind gesture is what we are going for. The fun part is you get to be creative and decide on what your own kindness act will be.

After completing your act we would like for you to give the person a small card.

The card will direct them to this website and to the videos which tell the story of our family.

We are hopeful in doing this we are not only treating others with kindness, but we are spreading the message of joy and hope in difficult life circumstances.

Because really, you never know who might need more of that!

When is the Choose Joy Project?

We hold the Choose Joy Project every year on the anniversary of the day of Joel's passing.

This year it will be Monday, July 23rd, 2018.

How can I be involved?

Registration is free and the best part is you can be involved from wherever you are. The first step is to shoot us an email with your name:

*This year we will be emailing you printable cards! That way there will be no limit to how many random acts you can do, it will be up to you. We will email your cards to you within 48 hours of receiving your email.

Once you print your cards, you will go out on July 23rd and find creative ways to love on others.

Staying Connected

We want to stay connected with you the day of the Choose Joy Project.

If you are up for it we would also love a picture of you with your card doing your act of kindness!

We will be posting all the pictures we receive on the blog as well as social media throughout the day of July 23rd. Just hashtag your photos #choosejoyproject to stay connected.

The Goal?

The first year we had 100 families participate in the project. Last year we had 150 families participate. This year we would love to see that number increase to 200 families total.

Nearly every person who participated in the project told us it was life changing for them, and no doubt it was for the people who's lives you changed by loving on them. We received emails from the recipients of your kindness telling us they were blown away by your acts. Made us all kinds of weepy.

Thank you for your interest in the Choose Joy Project!!

Head over to the Choose Joy page HERE to see the photos from past events. Click HERE to see a video of Choose Joy in action.

After that be sure and send us an email to let us know you want be a part! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

With Love, 

The Rhodes & Rodriguez Family