I L.O.V.E. Snoozies

I have a weird thing for all objects comfy and cozy. If it's soft, oversized and snuggle-worthy, I'm all over it. Blankets and hoodies are among my favorites items, but I also have another true love-Snoozies. 

The first pair of Snoozies I ever received were given to me as a gift when Joel was in the hospital. It was such a thoughtful gift because my feet were always cold. Ever since that first pair I fell in love and haven't been without them since. 

So what are Snoozies? They are basically an updated version of a slipper. They have a firmer sole on the bottom for some extra support. The inside is the perfect amount of fluff to keep your feet warm but not get sweaty. They are durable and will last you for a long while without stretching or losing their shape. I typically end up throwing mine away after a year or so because I wear holes into them from wearing them non-stop.

They have so many adorable designs and I love looking down and seeing the cuteness on my feet. But the best part is each pair is only around $10-$15 so they are super affordable. I love to get two pairs at once, one for me and another to give as a gift. Everyone I've ever gifted a pair to ends up just as obsessed as I am. 

If you are like me, and all about pretty yet comfortable items, these Snoozies are for you.

Here are some of my favorite designs on Amazon. 

This floral version is adorable. I have a thing for florals! Click HERE

Textured, tweed and sherpa lined? Yes, please! Click HERE

These buttery, faux fur lined are some of my favorites. Beyond soft. Click HERE

The bows at the toe on these are too cute. Click HERE.

These have cozy written all over them. Click HERE

Just like I have a thing for floral, Aztec print...same. Click HERE.  


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